I was lucky that the Chamomile reseeded itself. It ended up coming up kind of all over the place; along other beds, in paths, also in the Strawberries. We dried more of it for tea this season. It was pretty satisfying to see it for sale locally and the premium it sells for. Something that grows so easily can be so expensive.

This is the German Chamomile. I’m considering buying a Russian variety next Spring. I’m interested to see and taste the difference.

Pic-06062014-002Pic-06102014-001Pic-06142014-002Pic-06102014-002Pic-07102014-004I’m just letting it go. I really don’t care where it comes up. It’s apparently, pretty easy to grow. Now that we’ve started them last year, they seem to take care of themselves. It’s the kind of plant that will keep providing flowers all season long if you keep picking them. Once you stop, it goes to seed and starts to die off.

We simply pick the flowers and dry them in small, paper bags. It’s a great bed time tea that anyone can grow.

2 thoughts on “Chamomile

    • We grow Chocolate Mint, Spearmint, and Chamomile and it all really grows itself. The advice I’d give for these specifically would be to make sure the site you select is definitely where you want them. They tend to spread and grow all over without encouragement.

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