A Cool Spring

Pic-05022014-001Tulips are close. Not sure what colors these are, many are actually blooming for the first time this year. The Queen of the Night are the ones I was excited about the most but those don’t look like they’ll flower, however.

Pic-05022014-002Last season I thinned and planted Muscari throughout the bed. So they came back in little groups, but by next Spring I expect to see plenty more. They seem to propagate pretty quickly.

Pic-05022014-003Lots more Hyacinths came up this season but we were talking this morning that we want quite a bit more for next Spring. We aren’t seeing any of the white ones at all.

Pic-05022014-004I’m not so sure the Tulips here are happy competing for space with all the ivy. We will likely thin this out and transplant it to other parts of the yard. We have a lot space for stuff like this to help choke out some unwanted plants.

Pic-04222014-002Even though the deer ate all the Strawberries I planted last Fall in the beds, they came back. They’re not as abundant as they would have been, but they made it. Not so sure how much fruit we’re really going to get.

Pic-04222014-003I actually planted some Snow Peas this past week where the Kale was last season. I planted a lot more Snow Peas this year even though we had lots of them in the freezer throughout the Summer and Fall. We’d like to have them last throughout the Winter this year.

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