Spring 2014 – EAT MY PLANTS!

It is officially Spring which means we’ll be back to work in the gardens and posting lots of pictures. There are some new plans for 2014…

  • My good friend, Jman, starts his Permaculture plan at his cottage. He’s been doing a lot of research and designing this past Winter and is ready to make some mistakes and get the learning by doing process started.
  • We’ve joined back up with the good folks at Thorpe‘s and will be splitting the bounty with 4 households again.
  • We’ve also had a couple people ask if they can trade a day of work at our garden in return for fresh, organic food which means growing more and mowing less. I can dig that.
  • We’ll be designing and offering a T Shirt to support the upkeep of the garden and website so we can continue to give away food at no cost to more neighborhood families and friends. Last year we were able to give away plants, food, as well as help get other gardens started at people’s homes. The old teach a man to fish theory…
  • I’m sure there’s more I’ve already forgotten but I just wanted to wake this blog up for Spring and welcome to new followers to EAT MY PLANTS!

Due to the demands of my production life, which you can follow HERE and also OVER HERE, this year will be mostly pictures and videos with very little text until someone takes over the social aspects of EAT MY PLANTS! We’re hoping to refine this site to be a good mix of entertainment and ideas that will inspire you to grow your own food and flowers.

The more you grow, the less you mow.

EmergeThis is what Spring looks like today. Daffodils waking up which means it’s time to get to work.

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