Fall into Winter – Happy New Year

Season ending

The season was ending. Harvests were getting less frequent yet I still had much to do. At this point I should have been pulling hydration lines, cutting mulch and compost into the beds, but I was only collecting seeds. As you can see from the picture above, Morning Glory were still coming on strong. Put them where you want them, they reseed themselves quite thoroughly for me.

Winding down

Sunflowers were now serving as bird feeders, Cherry Tomato plants seemed to be fighting off the inevitable, and the Nasturtium and Marigold were right on time.


Autumn is my favorite time of year in New York but that also means the long Winter isn’t far behind. There’s always much to do to get ready for Winter but this year I didn’t have as much time.


Jolly Jester Marigold still in bloom but also plenty of seeds already.


Tasty and beautiful Nasturtium also providing lots of seed.

Last of the Peppers

It was getting too cold for some of the last of the Peppers to mature so better small than never.

The end

Not bountiful, but tasty. Still good to pull Peppers this late in the season.


Beans were producing great seed specimens.

Magic Beans

Magic Beans? I’ll have to let you know next Summer. Worst case, they’re still delicious, green beans.

Montauk Daisies

I crudely, buried clippings of Montauk Daisies earlier this year with only the hopes that they’d root and was pleased to see a few of them actually flowered. Such great news. I’m really looking forward to what comes up next season.


I turned these beds into permanent Strawberry beds. After next season I’ll make a decision if they are permanent after all. If I find the season for fruit to be too short, I’ll likely convert these beds into something else. These are not an everbearing variety so I am uncertain what to expect.


The deer were getting hungry enough to get after the Kale, which they usually leave alone. So, I was forced to harvest the rest of it  before I wanted to. Once the snow came, they nibbled these plants down to mere sticks.


I had left several pounds of Carrots in the ground but the deer started getting after the greens. So, once again, I was forced to harvest the rest of the crop. I guess it wasn’t that bad since they weren’t going to mature any more in these conditions.


My hands were pretty cold after this dig but it turned out to be quite worth it. I used these along with some Acorn Squash from the farm to make an easy Carrot & Squash soup recipe I found online. It was a pretty good Winter side dish.


I wanted to end this post with a picture from the growing season. Snow has covered us for about a month now and today the temperature is a brisk 17°F. The forecast suggests it will be 8° on Friday. This picture reminds me of what’s to come again this year. My 2014 garden resolution is to learn how to control weeds better outside of the beds without creating additional work for us.

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