Fresh Grape Juice


We scored some grapes as part of our share at the farm co-op. We had been getting them pretty regularly and we all had extra. This particular week I decided to make some juice with them.

Grapes Pot

I tossed them into a non-stick pot and added just enough water to cover the grapes. I had never made this before but several online resources suggested that you simply bring them to a boil, simmer 10 minutes then mash them up. SimmerA blurry, simmer pic. They did quickly start to slip from their skins. Juicing

Several minutes into the simmer, it was really starting to look like everything was turning into a juice. I grabbed my potato masher to begin the whooping these grapes were about to get.


After mashing them, I simply poured them through a cheese cloth and into a mason jar. I didn’t add anything to the results. No sugar, no water.

The more I drank of the juice, the more I think I should have added water to it. It was somewhat tart, since I included all the green grapes as well. I didn’t mind the tartness but the whole thing seemed a bit powerful, if that makes any sense.

Grape season is over, in fact, all of the farm co-op visits are now behind us. Next season we’re heading back to the co-op we originally used to visit, Thorpe’s. Check them out here.

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