My Cup of Tea

ChamomileLots of Chamomile flowers to harvest and dry. I was eager to try my first cup of home grown Chamomile tea.

PluckedI picked them clean. The very next day there were more to be had. If I keep picking, they keep growing.

Fresh ChamomileI no longer have a dehydrator but my oven goes down to 170 degrees. So I spread these on a baking sheet, heated the oven to 170 degrees, and placed these in there. I left the door cracked a little bit. It took a few hours and I had to reheat the oven a few times along the way. But these dried quite nicely.

Ground ChamomileThe Chamomile was easy to grind up.

Locking JarI put them in this old, locking, Mason jar for storage.

Laser EtchedI have a laser etched diffuser that I use for tea and coffee when I camp. Considering how fine the Chamomile grindings were, I decided to use that for this first cup of tea.

ATI could not think of a better cup to use for the first sample of my Chamomile. This was given to me at Adirondack Loj when I made a donation to the Adirondack Mountain Club. It’s handmade and has the Appalachian Trail logo on it.

HoneyBuckwheat Honey, locally collected. I had to kiss the cup with a little of this. I was so satisfied with how the tea turned out. I’ve had plenty of loose leaf and commercially packaged Chamomile and this was certainly better than anything I’ve tried out of a bag or box.

I think my next post should be about Chamomile and why I bother…

Eat My Plants!


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