It’s February 23rd but…


Ground froze, temperatures still frigid, yet Daffodils can’t wait any longer.

The daffodils always beat the crocus in the race for fresh air and sunshine.


Always the first ones to show up every year.

The ground is still frozen but getting a glimpse of these really gets me excited for spring. It also reminds me that I better get my butt moving. There are lots of plants that should be already germinating and others that should be already out of the ground. Any hanging baskets I want in June should have been started as early as December!


More thyme still showing their strength.


Thyme is hardy enough to fight through winter, too.

Oregano, still tasty.

Even the oregano tag made it through the winter.

Oregano, still tasty.

Oregano still holding strong waiting for summer.

Thyme and Oregano still fighting and patiently waiting. I even have Rosemary in one of the raised beds, too. I was able to use some of this through the winter, though I don’t take much in fear that I’ll hurt their chances of survival.

Row cover.

Not sure yet what will occupy this row, but the cover warms the soil sooner, getting the worms and friends working the soil.

Covered bed, waiting for sun.

The bed is covered with a dark row cover using stones for anchors.

The cold beds.

The beds still dormant, waiting patiently.

Row covers gets the soil warmer even when there’s snow on the ground. This helps bring the worms and insects closer to the surface working on the compost that was turned in last Fall.

On Frozen Pond

Frozen solid but temps are starting to tease into the high 30’s.

The pond is still frozen. I wouldn’t trust walking on it but the dogs don’t seem to fear it. The level of the water is almost to the top. I have an overflow pipe on the far side but it just leaks it into the yard. I have yet to see what happens in extreme saturation. It’s overflowed only once and it lasted only a day. It’s usually a foot lower than the overflow pipe. We dug this 2 seasons ago and it’s taken until this winter to reach a consistent level. My friend and fellow gardner, Jman, planted cat tails but we don’t know if that was a good idea. He also lined it with lillies. That we think was a great idea. While he used a back hoe to dig the hole, he did all the shape and edges with a shovel. He really put some work into this.

Greenhouse, so quiet.

Ground is still frozen, but temperatures are starting to tease back and forth from freezing to just above.

The compost can be seen fenced in to the left of the green house. We still feed it all winter long with our scraps. No meats, no dairy, not ever.

So sad right now.

The peninsula where lilac, lillies, daffodils, and daisies reside.

In a few months this will be overflowing with gorgeous plants. I have past photos of everything. I should show some side by side pics.


All this winter drab can really get you down. I had to end this post with some color and life. This is what the front bed looks like when all is well and the deer and rabbits don’t feast on it.


2 thoughts on “It’s February 23rd but…

    • Thanks! Good luck. I started gardening a few years ago and it really won me over. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a lot more from the past 2-3 years when I started taking pictures and keeping a journal, which is something I really suggest every gardener do. Keep in touch and feel free to send pics of your efforts. I’ll share them!

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